Business Friendly Mexico A Great Destination For Real Estate Investment

Mexico has always been a leader in Tourism & travel in the region. Now, it has received a shot in the arm with the release of ease of doing Business Index in which it has been ranked #54.

Business friendly ranking of the World Bank determines if the regulatory environment is more conducive to the starting and operation of a local firm in a particular country and ranks it accordingly. The latest ranking has put Mexico ahead of other growing economies like Brazil, China, Russia and India (BRIC). This is particularly impressive considering that these countries growth trajectory has received tremendous press coverage in world media in last few years.

Mexico’s impressive rankings just underscore the tremendous business potential and strong regulatory framework combined with transparency which makes it just more than a tourist destination.

Mexico is now a favored destination of many major automotive companies. Many MNCs have continued to invest in Mexico disregarding negative media coverage. This can attributed to the fact that they know the ground realities of Mexico better then many of the hyper-ventilating paranoid media outlets. The Doing business rankings recognizes the regulatory reforms that Mexico has implemented in three major areas: management of permits, getting credit (legal rights), and tax.

For investors looking to invest in a safe destination in the region, the best place is Mexico. Not only is this a neighboring country with a long border with USA but also has a significant expat population. With its cheaper man force, excellent infrastructure, proactive government, abundance of natural resources and favorable weather, Mexico is the destination not only for leisure but also business.

There are positive spin-offs to an increase in business activity. Real estate and tourism, particularly always benefit from a favorable business environment. Mexico is recognized as a tourism powerhouse. The government has worked hard to make it not just a tourist destination but also a business hub by improving infrastructure by leaps and bounds. Cancun with its international airport and world class amenities is now a business as well as travel hub. Growth is now not just restricted to Cancun, as other cities such as Puerto Vallarta have emerged as cities with great investment potential. Not surprisingly, Mexico real estate will receive the boost that it deserves in the year 2012. Investment in real estate is one of the safest options when the world is reeling under recession. Mexico has great growth potential unlike many European countries and now is ready to don a prominent role in world’s economic affairs along with other BRIC economies in the years to come. A new world order is on cards and Mexico will be one of the major players. Investors with foresight have recognized it, are you ready to take the early bird advantage?

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