The Features And Specifications Of Datawind Pocketsurfer 3g5

The company DataWind, which was founded in Montreal, develops wireless web access products and also services. It has its research and development facilities in Montreal and has branches in London, Amritsar and Delhi. Datawind was in the news and was immensely popular for developing ‘Aakash’ which is supposed to be the world’s cheapest tablet. Datawind products are users for delivery of a platform providing cheaper internet access at very fast speeds. Other than the devices which the company manufactures, it also gets revenue from content, advertising, networking and other application services. The company has become an important brand in the area of communication devices and it uses cutting edge technology to manufacture amazing devices.
The phone has a display size of 5.0 inch 240×400 and has dimensions of 153x78x10.5 mm. It has a form factor of Touch bar and operates on a frequency of GSM 1800 / 1900 / 850 / 900 MHz. It has dual sim facility for people who want to have two different numbers, for different purposes, and do not want to carry two separate phones. The phone houses two separate sim cards. Datawind PocketSurfer 5X has a touch screen for improved access without having cumbersome buttons. It has a good enough memory, and can be used to store a lot of numbers and data. It also has external memory via a micro SD card with expandable memory for storing extra data like songs. Everybody wants to have songs on their phones, for playing it while having a workout or for travelling. This phone supports MP3 player which can play your favorite songs. Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5 also has the loudspeaker facility.
Datawind has excellent technology for supporting internet connectivity, and hence has features like Gmail, Google, Facebook, Twitter and also can upload and watch videos from YouTube. For all this, the device makes for an excellent travel companion. It also supports other data facilities like GPRS and Bluetooth, for easy access to data and sharing data. You can easily connect or pair with other details. Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5 also has a USB port, from which we can connect to a computer to share and transfer data. The USB cable can also be used as a charger and can charge the phone from your computer. It also has a host of wonderful facilities like Document viewer, alarm clock, world time, calculator and stop watch. It has an operating system of Linux and there’s a possibility of playing lots of fun and interesting games on it. Datawind PocketSurfer 5X also has a reasonable battery life and has a standby time for 24 hours and a call time of three hours.
Datawind PocketSurfer 5X comes in a beautiful white color. It comes at an affordable price, but does not compromise on technology. IT has several features, and all of them work exceptionally well. It is a very good choice if you are looking for an affordable yet powerful phone. You can compare the features of this phone and the price range and then make an informed decision to buy it.

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