New York For A Holiday

If you live in a metropolitan area you would want to visit Hawaii or Caribbean islands for a holiday. They are surely the places to relax. But if you have been living in such sanctuaries for most of your life. You ought to come to New York City once in your life time to experience the city life.
Let me introduce New York City for you.
New York is a city situated in United States of America, it’s known as New York City to separate itself from the state it is situated in. It is a global city that means it is one of the most important cities in the world which influence the global economic system. It is also known as big apple, and global capital. It is world’s most populous cities in the cities in the world. It hosts the headquarters of the United Nations.
New York has many icons/attractions which people talk about. Let me tell you about some of them.
1.Statue of Liberty: given to the United States by the people of France to represent the friendship between the two countries. An icon for the immigrants, Liberty Enlightening the World as it is officially titled is familiarly just the Statue of Liberty.
2.Empire state building: The 102 story building was completed in 1972, it had been the world’s tallest building for more than 40 years, it once again became the New York’s tallest building after the destruction of the Twin Towers of World trade center. It was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1986. It is currently undergoing a $120 million renovation to make it more eco friendly and energy efficient.
3.Yellow cabs: very iconic to New York, they are everywhere; they stop if you raise your hand.
4.The Pepsi sign: Famed Pepsi Sign in Long Island City. After years atop the Pepsi bottling plant on the Queens waterfront, the landmark Pepsi sign has a new home adjacent to Gantry Plaza State Park. The Pepsi sign is perhaps more well-known to Manhattanites than folks in Queens. It faces out to the East River away from Long Island City.
5.Katz’s Delicatessen Since 1888: Someone has rightly described this fantastic place for dining �a Place where the Prime Ministers and drunks can both dine in comfort.�
6.Water towers: Water towers are elevated tanks for water storage and distribution. There are some very old and somewhat rustic but very iconic to New York. They have become inseparable to New York City.
7.Central Park of New York: Cheap Flight Tickets Right at the middle of the city there is a huge rectangular park, the lugs of the city. If a busy city life gets exhausting, the park sure provides respite to the inhabitants. There are many events happening every part of the year for every age group.
8.Manhattan � The business district. The famous “Wall street” houses the New York Stock Exchange, and several other major U.S. stock and other exchanges remain headquartered on Wall Street and in the Financial District, including the NASDAQ, AMEX, NYMEX, and NYBOT. Metonym for the “influential financial interests” of the American financial industry.

If you wish to visit New York, New York being a global city it is well connected by air from virtually anywhere in the world. If you wish to secure Cheap Flight Tickets you should book your flight tickets well in advance at least a month in advance, also try not traveling at the weekends and in festive season such as New Year or Christmas or on Thanks Giving.


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