China Tourist Attractions

China is a beautiful country that is so large and has a long and interesting history. It has so many famous places to travel during a vacation that sometimes it can be hard to choose among them. Vacation times are really valuable and sometimes they can be just a brief one. If you are looking to visit China, here are the top famous places that you cannot afford to miss.

First of all is the Great Wall. This is one of China’s trademarks. It is throughout the world, and people are very much amazed with the amazing architecture of the place, knowing that it is built thousands of years back. it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also a very popular tourist spot in the country. Travelers never want to miss the opportunity of visiting the Great Wall once they arrive in the country.

Beijing is the capital of China and no trip to China would be complete without a tour to the Capital that has a large number of monuments, palaces and mausoleums to offer for tourist inspection. The Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Ming Tombs are among the most famous places to visit in Beijing.

The Beijing Zoo: The North West part of Beijing has the largest zoo in China. With a population of 6000 animals of different species it is an interesting place to visit.

Mountaineering: Known as the world’s Mountaineering Capital, this Country has nine of the 14 peaks above 8000 meters in the world, with two highest peaks.

The tallest mountain in the world. Apart from the amazing height – you likely to suffer attitude sickness even at base camp, visually Everest is a stunning mountain. Add to that the yaks, Sherpas and isolation in the plateau on top of the world and you have something that attracts the adventure. I have no desire to climb the mighty mountain, one I’m getting too old and second going into any death zone isn’t my cup of tea. But to climb some of the slopes could be fun.

On the Yungui Plateau, the Dian Chi Lake is another of the more famous places in China. Rising almost 2,000 metres in altitude, the lake can sometimes appear to be joining with the sky above it, a curiously wondrous effect that many visitors have commented upon. At dawn and dusk, the sunlight refracts the sunlight in such a way that it embles many silver fishes. Arguably the best view of the Dian Chi Lake is from the West Mountain.

3 of Yellow Mountain’s 72 peaks are all above 1,800 metres tall. Its four most appealing spots are the Pine Forest, the Strange Stone, the Cloud Sea and the Hot Spring. It is located in the bucolic Anhui Province.

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