What To Do When Traveling To Montreal

Montreal which is in Quebec is not very far from Toronto and actually has a lot of similarities with Toronto. Montreal is far less diversified and populated then Toronto though, but you can find a lot of world class attractions to visit while in the region. Montreal has a lot of French speaking Canadians living there so it would help if you could speak French, some of the locals only speak French as well so you might have trouble communicating with locals like vendors and taxi drivers if you don’t know a bit of French. Apart from that though there is nothing else you need to be concerned about when traveling to Montreal as it’s one of the premiere destinations for tourists in Canada.

Like most Canadian cities that boast good tourism there is an NHL hockey team the Montreal Canadians. They are adored by the home crowd and over the past couple years have really turned things around and began competing deep in the playoffs. This has only increased the tourism in Montreal as more people want to see them over their rivals Toronto and with good reason too. Partly because there better then Toronto and the other reason begin because ticket prices are overpriced in Toronto.

Once you get a hockey game in then you’ll feel a lot more comfortable and you can then begin seeing some of the marvelous attractions over the next few days that you’re in the region. One of the most visited attractions would be the Botanical Gardens in Montreal which has over thirty different specialized gardens for there over 20,000 plant species. If you’re a plant lover then you’ll see nothing more wonderful then the Botanical Gardens except for possibly in some areas of Asia. The attraction also has the largest Chinese garden in the world apart from Asia which makes it a definite hot spot on many world travelers minds. A lot of tourists come from Asia to visit the Gardens and Montreal’s tourism relies heavily on the Botanical Gardens.

There is also a part of the city known as Old Montreal which is given its name due to the old dated architecture and it’s another piece to the puzzle as to why Montreal is such a popular tourist area. It’s like Europe away from Europe and many European travelers make sure too check out the architecture that so many people talk about.

Montreal is one of the most cultural cities in North America and offers a piece of every corner of the world in one medium sized city. Apart from all the tourist attractions Montreal is also popular for an active nightclub scene that features rows of bars and clubs for people to visit. Many are open all night and there are tons of clubs that are hidden and if you find them you may have the party of your life, so for young people Montreal also has lots to offer.

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