New Year 2014, Let’s Ready For Big Bash With Snowy Storm Of White Vows

White snow, beautiful twinkling of the glow light through the streets, young and old singing choral songs and gifts accompanied with lavish dinner with families, that is the perfect picture of a happy and a merry Christmas. But with the end of it there is the sudden change in the whole scenario to be followed anxiously for the coming of a brand new year. The old has gone and the new is here that’s how we would welcome new year 2014 with much joy and happiness. There are different exciting ways to enjoy it with the fullest of life with the beautiful and wonderful fun and surprising presents. Nowadays there are endless ways to celebrate it with our love ones such as cruises to travel in around the world and all the hot destinations on the eve. Variety of articles and accessories that can be given on that day and not to forget the old and traditional way is to spend the joyous moment with merriment throughout the day to have a lucky and prosperous year ahead.Different countries have their own way to celebrate it depending on the calendar it follows; one such is the chinese new year 2014 which falls on the 31st January. China being a country of mystical beings it has its own legend behind it and is celebrated as the spring festival. It has its origination hundred years ago where on this very day they were to give thanks to their religious Gods and their forefathers. This day is observed with significant event not only in the country but also in all the places where the Chinese people are living and those who follow the calendar. Such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines, Japan and Vietnam are to mention some. With the presences of several china towns all around the world nowadays it has become one of the most celebrated even around the world.

Most of the significant things that will be displayed during the Lunar new year 2014 is the color red, fireworks and the most daring the dragon dance. The Chinese calendar follows the lunar or it is counted on the basis of the number of full moons. Thus it is also known as the lunar new year. It is being observed by the process of through cleansing of the house and its surroundings as an act of cleansing and discarding away all the ill and misfortunes and welcoming of the good luck for the following year. Being one of the most significant and important day it has the environment of love and smiles for success in the coming year. The 2014 horoscopes are also available for those who are to embark on new life and seek the assistance for happiness as in which month and day would be most beneficial for performing all the important work and decision making can also be helped by it. It is not just the superstitious belief of people but it also helps in availing certain bad luck that is there. Many articles such as stone, day and favors from lady luck can also be known before hand.For those who want to avail more on the services of the new year there is also the printable new year 2014 calendars that is available to plan out the year before hand. One of the most surreal moments is to see the sparkle in the eyes of people that is followed by the endowment of materials or love shared for the success and happiness throughout the year.

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