The Charisma Of West Bengal

Over the past two millennia, Bengal has been a home to various big empires and kingdoms. Being surrounded by Bay of Bengal, this place could not escape the eyes of Britishers, too. Kolkatta, the now capital of West Bengal, for years has served as the capital of British India. Thus, this place was also known as the Jewel of the East, during that period.

Other major cities in West Bengal are Darjeeling, Shantiniketan, Siliguri and Malda. These places provide people with a scoop of extensively rich culture of India. If you book India Holiday packages and India tour packages for West Bengal, do not forget including following places to your chosen destinations.

Travel to West Bengal, just to enjoy the flavor of colorful dances, food and attires. The Bengali culture is the richest in every form. The major sight seeing destinations in west Bengal are India Museum, Birla Planetarium, Botanical garden, Victoria Memorial, St. Pauls Cathedral, Gompas, Tiger Hill, Eden Garden and Howrah Bridge. And if you are a nature freak, then there is no question of avoiding Sunderbans National park. This place is an abode of Royal Bengal Tigers.

Sunderbans is located in Ganga Delta, from where come out mangrove forests. This park is known for holding more tigers than any other national reserve. Darjeeling is another attractive destination in West Bengal. It is a hill station, which is attractive as well as beautiful. This hill station has been a favorite destination for Europeans during the British era. It acted as a shelter for Britishers, to help them escape from the scorching heat of the sun.

Thus, if you book West Bengal India tour packages, then remember the fact that Bengal is also a major religious destination. The older the culture of a particular region of India, more temples you can find there. Temples are a reflection of the religious identity of people and the most important part of any culture of India. Thus, Bengal also has some wonderfully constructed temples, which reflects its centuries old culture and tradition.

Some of the famous temples in west Bengal are Bakranath Temple, Balrampur Jain Temple, Bhagwati Temple, Dakshineswar Kali temple and Bhagwati Temple. People with utter devotion from around the world, come to see these temples.

Thus, there is no doubt that India Holiday packages and India tour packages are a fun. To get the best deal possible, get in touch with reputed India travel agencies, and enjoy wonderful services provided by them.

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